Travel the world over, and all you’ll find is many, many places that are not John’s. JQS is a unique destination offering one full block of everything convenient. Travelers and locals alike are pleased to discover an array of amenities designed to refresh, refuel and reinvigorate body, soul, and mind. What started as a simple fuel stop in the 1970s has turned into a full-service oasis. Don’t miss your chance to experience the location that forever changed the landscape of Vinton. Let’s plan your visit!


Cave of Wonders

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You’ll definitely want to wear your jacket if you plan to spend any time in our cave. At a constant 28ºF, year-round, it’s a chilling experience with refreshment at every turn. If you listen carefully, you may even hear the schhhhhhhh of an aluminum container being opened in the distance. With a selection of about 100 options to explore and enjoy, it’s a tour worth taking. 


An Adventure at Every Turn

Want to know a little secret? There’s a whole lot of little tidbits of trivia and offers throughout our entire one block wonder. Like a treasure hunt, you’ll be surprised at what you might find. Take a look around, and if you see a code to scan, just take out your smartphone and give it a scan. Follow the instructions and enjoy. Have fun exploring.


Overlook Picnic Spot

If you need time to take just a moment and smell your fresh brewed coffee, enjoy a cookie, a treat, or a full meal while you text a friend or leave a great review on the JQS Facebook page (hint, hint), we’ve got a spot for you. Choose a rocking chair or a seat on the porch. Take your time. No hurries, no worries. You posted that review, though, right?


Snack Well

Excavated by the first John, back in the 1970’s, this well never runs dry! This bottomless source has been supplying snack options for generations. From salty to sweet and every combination in-between, dig in, and you’ll find a variety of taste sensations sure to knock the edge off even the worst case of the “hungries.” Snacking happens. And, that dear friends, is why this well was dug.


JQS Souvenir Shack

We're excited to announce that JQS Merch will be COMING SOON! Don’t leave without grabbing a little something to remember us by. Whether it’s a postcard, tee-shirt, or something else, we know you’ll want to remember your trip because anywhere else you stop in the world? … You got it… It’s not John’s.



Ever stop somewhere and be nervous to ask to use the facilities because you’re afraid of what they’ll be like. It’s not John’s. Our Johns are spic and span and everything you’d want in a personal pit stop. If you need some help locating them, just ask.  


Three Tastes in One

Hungry for local flavor? Our hotspot has options to whet even the biggest appetite. You won’t find another venue where you’re greeted by Rooty, Charley, and the Godfather himself. From burgers to fried chicken to pizza and everything in between, you’ll find something for every taste with dine-in and to-go options to boot. But, please, whatever you do, just don’t feed the bear. He gets plenty!